Valentines outfits

by - January 27, 2018

flutter sleeve romper and red tutu
melies tutu

Valentines outfits

hello!! today's blog is about valentines outfits
as I have been gone a while not blogging so much I have found a hobby in Instagram (some may say addiction) I find myself browsing Instagram stores making long shopping lists!
I just love the unique designs and the fact mostly all custom made to size and you can add or change anything about the designs, another reason I have gown to love Instagram every single penny goes to the independent store meaning it goes to the family and since not being at work I realise the value in how much that can help a independent store, I also have found a hobby in putting Thea into being a rep for small stores I enjoy taking photos now I have a snazzy new camera from Dom (those of you who are new readers Dom is my husband ) which is helping me get clear shots of clothing and of course headbands - still obsessed with headbands.

This is a quick blog on Thea's outfits the stores mentioned are on Instagram

first up melies tutu's
since Thea's first birthday outfit shopping ive continued to love this store ordering a couple of rompers and of course tutus we had an amazing Halloween outfit from this store  

I went with the white hearts on red fabric - other fabric available , I had a idea in my head of how I wanted to style it and this fabric worked best with the headband and back ground

one of the reasons I go back to this store is the great service very friendly and always well made but sounds so silly writing this but the tutus are so fluffy!! other tutus I've used with Thea don't have the same fluffy look and take ages to style so its nice and big! they have so much fluffiness that its so easy to get a great shot.

I just love how the outfit looks together and the headband really adds to it in this photo above I used a dotties bowtique medium red lace bow - from Christmas - money saving tip buy sensible colours that work for multiple seasons! but also have a plain red medium bow with white heart detail that matches the romper.
for the background I used cheap heart strings from amazon on a white fleece blanket attached to a photography frame also an amazon buy the fleece blanket was cheap but works so well for my beginner needs!

bows! we all know how much I love Thea in a bow and that's not changed if anything her collection is so big I had to buy new storage - another blog needed  I found a store on insta that makes beautiful things and Sadie (store name bysadie) made a beautiful fawn wearing the prettiest floral headband as a holder pictured bellow

valentines options from dottiesbowtique pictured bellow
all of these bows would work with Thea's romper and tutu but I think the plain red and white heart was perfect and thea can wear the tutu and headband through the summer

now dresses over on Instagram I have mentioned  before AJboutique2017 we have lovely items from this store since ordering and chatting to the owner and mum behind the store we have stayed in touch and as I mentioned in my last blog Justyna is so lovely and friendly and puts so much time and effort into her makes and takes the time to get to know her customers
I ordered Thea's birthday dress back in December its beautiful grey fabric with a tutu skirts and lace detail cant wait to photo that dress some more I couldn't wait and did a few pics in dec!
Thea picks that dress out and asks to wear it and spins around!

Justyna sent Thea the most beautiful dress for valentines its a red rose lace and gold bodice with a gold fabric skirt with a red tutu overlay with a v shape back with a button detail and flower detail on the front and bow on the back - wow I'm rubbish at describing things !!
thank goodness I'm inserting pics!


when the light shines on this fabric its even prettier I'm hoping to photo this in sun light if the weather here ever improves
it fits Thea so well and I love that you can actually have the straps off shoulder

the button detail just adds something along with the flower detail
when I look at the dress I think of beauty and the beast (is this just me ha ha )

a couple of these pics are the raw images but I thought I would add them in so you can see the dress
this dress is beautiful and a very lovely gift thank you Justyna !!

on the last of the outfits I thought it would be nice to add something different so I'm going to photo a floral max and molly romper with dotties bowtique bows and I also plan to add to the dress a Christmas  headpiece - the pictures will explain all I'm using it backwards but as its made to look pretty front and back totally works so a little valentines fawn look
if you want to see our valentines photos head over soon to our facebook page where I will post the week of valentines if not before!

thank you for reading hope to  write again soon
lots of things to write about Thea will be turning 2 and I think allergy/skin update
plus bundles of half written blogs still pending!!!

Hannah and Thea

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