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Instagram shops

photograph by nikki cawte photography
t -shirts by baby pea and me

Hi! Today's blog is about insta shopping something that has become one of my fave ways to shop why? because its shopping small supporting other mums, its a fab way to find cool unique clothing at really amazing prices! ,its personalised and mostly made to order,don't get me wrong I'm also for the high-street clothing to I often pair some of my insta finds with high-street accessories or tops/tights! I love loads of shops on insta but I wanted to share some of my top used/loved on a blog

Most of these stores are fairly new finds so I have only bought a few items from each company!
to start a newer find a lovely company Autumn and Willow,
this company has become one of my faves quickly because they have really girly prints and unique items, one thing that caught my eye and started my buying was the logo for the company really modern and still girly, after looking on the page i kept coming back to a really cute pink high waist short with matching lace vest set  i cant help but love lace and Thea didn't own many shorts i think just one other pair! so i decided to buy the set mostly insta works by messaging the company and ordering sizes and custom requests, i was really happy with the timely and friendly response to my order and was super happy when the set arrived it even had a matching bow! - Thea's not keen on many bows other than dotties bowtique so shes not used the bow so much!

the packaging also silly as it sounds makes me happy! Autumn and Willow have lovely packaging and it feels professional with branded stickers - most insta shops have this but for me it just adds something to the feel of the company!  

Autmnandwillow pink high waist shorts and vest set

Since ordering the pink set i have ordered a set of vintage floral shorts which i match mostly with the vest from the first set and a dotties bowtique large floral pinch bow

vintage floral shorts

more recently i ordered a pair of summer shorts which feel a bit more dressy with a floral frilly edge and gold thread


This company is a fairly new find the first item was a braced skirt I saw this print on my insta feed and just simply loved the colour and print! I had very friendly service and great delivery!
which is why I have since  ordered a fab flamingo romper which I cannot wait to see on Thea on a quick trip to Newquay!

braced skirt prettyoneoff's

flamingo romper prettyoneoff's

House of serene
this company caught my eye on my insta feed and I browsed the page and saw a million short and matching head wrap sets that I loved I ended up buying two I do plan on getting a few more in bigger sizes, have to say the head wraps are a nice change from bows but still bows win a daily place in Thea's outfits!
the green one has to be my fave as its so summer time and the wrap is easier to tie than the blue floral one which is scuba material

House of serene short and head wrap set 

Max and molly

if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know i had a custom white birthday romper made from this company and its simply beautiful well made and a keepsake for when Thea is older!
i also bought a amber romper which i love its well made has a beautiful mix of colours and looks amazing front and back friendly service and once the company re opens I will most definitely be ordering some more items 

Amber romper max and molly

max and molly custom romper

AJ boutique 2017

I love this company a lot, the first item I bought for Thea was a pretty anchor skirt and headband set the second item i bought was a custom skirt and the lady who runs the company made Thea two beautiful headbands which are just the cutest things! i also really like finding lovely people on insta and the lady who owns this company is one of the loveliest mums I've found she often asks how Thea is and we chat and she always adds a personal touch to our orders which really is lovely!
its so lovely when the mum behind the brand wants to make your order perfect and takes the time to chat to you and get to know you it makes a big difference

custom skirt

Anchor set 

Melie's tutu's

This store is the reason i started to buy tutu's having seen them on my insta feed and on other pages i loved how full and fluffy they were and all the colour combinations i had seen some beautiful greys /natural colours , there is a green and white tutu i really want to buy!

melies tutu with a dotties bowtique bow
melies tutu romper dotties bowtique bow

melies tutu with a dotties bowtique bow


needing a cake smash tutu i found this company via tailored with loves page where I had bought Thea's one vest from i ordered a pink hombre tutu ehich was tiny as thea was tiny and its so pretty! i still have it and will keep it I'm sure! it looked beautiful in photos and looked great with the one vest and of course dotties bowtique bow!
since ordering the ombre pink tutu i then ordered a unicorn - luna -  one naturally haha its also beautiful this company are also super friendly and have great delivery and take custom orders

luna tutu babylaneuk with a dotties bowtique bow
luna tutu by babylaneuk

babylaneuk tutu with a dotties bowtique bow

so that's a few of my fave insta shops few mentions - wildest willow also a lovely shop we have a pair of braced shorts and they are lovely , aurora fawn - amazing head pieces for any occasion! and as always dotties bowtique i team up most of my buys from insta with dotties bows because they custom match most items have fab service and are super friendly! i have also mentioned before babypeaandme they custom print t shirts i have a couple and again fab service and friendly mum running the shop! lastly i know I've been quiet so much going on lately i have many pending posts ranging from photography sessions to fake tan!!! I'm writing this blog fast so excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes!

thank you for reading hope to write again soon
Hannah and Thea xx

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