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birthday photo session outfit is entirely Instagram other than the t-shirt!

Hi Todays blog is about Thea turning two and what is up and coming .
so Thea is now two where has the time gone?!this year as Dom was away with work and everyone was on Easter holidays we just had cake at home and some visitors! 
As Dom was away we decided to give Thea her main gift from us to her early so she had that on the Friday her birthday was Easter Monday , so I do think this was a bit confusing as she had the excitement on Friday and then on Easter Sunday I left out her Easter bits so she was excited then again on Monday I set up a little gift area so when she woke up she had banners and balloons and her gifts .

Theas birthday outfit one of two of course we had to also have a party dress but tutu is a must!

Our main gift  to Thea was a IKEA kitchen and some accessories to be honest she was way more excited about the accessories than the actual kitchen we have a funny video of her opening the accessories being super excited and then one of her opening the kitchen looking at it and running of to play with the accessories!
Thea had some lovely gifts this year she a lucky little thing and the lovely thing is she loves and uses every single one  Thea is peppa pig mad so she's been enjoying books she got she also got some first  readers which she loves for bed time current bed time fave is princess and the pea she kills herself laughing over the pea being in the bed it makes me laugh every time we read it sometimes I'm allowed to read it to her other times she reads it to me although she cant read yet she starts with once there was a princess and then basically talks about what she can see.

taken on Nikon D5600 by myself 

I cannot believe how much Thea has changed in this year she's really independent I think for her age although  im sure most two year olds are she's very strong willed and determined  she does a lot alone now, she walks alone down the stairs - this was a big change as for a short while she wasn't to brave on the stairs, she puts herself into her high chair and does the belt up with no help! she does her own teeth and loves doing her own hair in the bath - I do have to re rinse as she sometimes has a lot of shampoo in her hair ! 
Thea can say a lot more than I could at this age it amazes me everyday she starting to form sentences and can ask for a snack or drink and she can say what she wants to watch on t.v or the I pad - yes we let her use the I pad some don't agree but as shes not on it all day I have no issue with it, its actually helped her start learning her colours and she can count to 10 and do the ABC.

Thea has always loved nursery rhymes and is really into singing them and dancing her all time fave ones are of course MR Tumbles's mix on youtube !

the ant got to close!

This year still brings challenges with her allergies currently on the food ladder and due an appt in august which we hope brings good news as so far every appt has been the same result with her food allergy and this 9 month round seems to look the same mixed with this stormy heat lately her skin has flared and been the worst we have seen it since she was a lot younger.

onto up and coming I still have drafts that need completing and publishing, we bought a new pram as although I love and still love the stomp v3 system which technically we could have continued to use we went for the new system that is just the stroller which Thea can get in and out of herself and is slightly smaller as we installed a baby gate in her room where we store the pram and having to lift the other one in and out was not fun and we have no where to store it other wise !
of course its still ickle bubba I really have a lot of love for this brand and would highly recommend it if your in the market for a pram.

a random blog that will be up at the start of next month will be butterfly hatching and releasing 
very excited about that probably more so than Thea I was on the hunt for fun things to blog about and was talking to a friend and she said she uses the kits in the school holidays with her kids.
Thea is not a huge bug lover has a fear or spiders not to sure why as we have only encountered 2 in her entire time so far! youtube may have something to do with that she was watching a slime spider video?!
Thea hated ants but always wanted to watch them but if they get to close she's not keen recently went to do a photo session and I caught the funniest photo of Thea ant watching but an ant got to close I will insert the photo, we were taking photos of a stunning dress made by a lovely mum on Instagram which leads me to my next point I will probably write some blogs on insta again as I have found a hobby in taking photos of clothing and of course headbands we were lucky enough to join some amazing teams lately with some amazing head pieces and clothing 
Dom bought me for Christmas an amazing Nikon camera which frankly im still learning to use but it takes amazing photos! so really been into taking Thea spam for our insta account! 

Thankyou for reading there wont be such a long break between blogs for a while as I have the time to write! if you would like daily Thea spam find us on insta send me a dm when you request so I know your from the blog xx

keep an eye out for the stroller review and the butterfly hatching!
Hannah and Thea

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