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Move over Moses basket there is a new box in town...well in the Hudson house anyway! 
you let your baby sleep in a cardboard box?!
my answer is yes! and why?! because its such a good product and works so well and is great for small flats and tight storage, so here is what i think about the British baby box!

who doesn't love a star print?
every year the print is limited edition!
glad this year is stars perfect! 
doubles as changing area using the mattress and lid
the box as the bed

Thea enjoying her box!
Thea loves looking out of the gaps to see if we are watching!  she also spends ages touching the stars!
it keeps her entertained i'm not complaining!
I can leave Thea in the box and know she is safe
taken by Ewa highland Photography

 Based on the hugely successful Finnish tradition, the British Baby Box is a comfortable, safe and portable way for a child to sleep and rest.
For 75 years, the Finnish Government have been giving its expectant parents a box containing a starter kit which can be used, most importantly, as a bed. Research suggests it has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

the British baby box company is the only one in the uk! and i think they have made a fab product that is safe, stylish and space saving and re - usable.

I had heard of the box idea but went for a Moses first which Thea liked for a while but then hated the mattress was soft and i was finding with her exzema adding to the issue she wasn't sleeping and the edges of the basket had become bent and kept needing re adjusting, our friend Sarah had mentioned the box to me before Thea was born but i had already got the Moses and like most first time mums i felt like it was tried and tested by our mums so it must work and Thea would like it!
the idea of the baby feeling more secure in a small space i think is also true Thea slept better in the box which has higher edges and was less wriggly still itching her skin but not as much in turn giving me a little more sleep! after months of co - sleeping or struggling with the Moses it was worth a go!

so to begin here is why i love it ! 

It doubles as a changing area using the lid and mattress handy if you don't have a changing table or you need a quick answer to changing nappies without risking the floor if any accidents happen.

The print is lovely and matches Thea's room - fluke but really adds to the likeability as it looks lovely and it has life after baby, you can use it as a stylish storage box or keep sake box again the print means i can have it out and it fits in well

The sheets are organic and fitted for the mattress - great one of the reasons i wanted this box is for Thea's skin - bad baby eczema 
Its so easy to move around compared to the Moses basket - again great for small flats as it takes up less space, 
 Another reason i really love this box it doubles as a play pen - obvs not when Thea is bigger but great for pre - nap playing 

 Thea is a baby that loves to sleep with her nose squished to the side of anything - not great in the Moses the side has a sheet that blocks her nose,maybe that's new parent fear but i found myself checking on her far more in the Moses than the box 

I would like to thank our friend Sarah for gifting this to us it was really kind of you and has really helped! i would recommend a box to any new parent! and if it wasn't for Sarah suggesting it after a conversation we had about Thea's sleeping and bad skin and then knowing the founder i wouldn't have had the chance to try this out!

thanks for reading this is a quick post written in a nap break! i love this box so much i felt the need to skip rest and the washing and write about it - it must be good!
hope to write again soon 
Hannah and Thea x

p.s if your reading this and your a new parent or expecting a little one i will have a blog about maternity and new born photos taken by a lovely friend of ours! something to add to your baby box if you use it as a memory box!
head on over to her page and get a discount on photos using "babythea"

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