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Hi! todays blog is about all things one!
I cant believe I'm writing this blog a year to the day Thea was born for a few reasons one I didn't think I would be brave enough to start a blog! and two because its just insane that a year has gone by!
its the eve of Thea's b day and it happened to be the day the  venue was free the same day for her party so Thea is for now fast asleep! as she partied all afternoon!
So this gives me time to write! pictures need downloading and cake smash needs to happen at this point but I plan to use tomorrow to take those pics and then add them in!

so lets start party wise we booked our friends pub which is a lovely local pub with a fab garden area huge function room and lovely staff!
I think I mentioned in a previous post about the decs our lovely friend shelley had her daughters first birthday not long before Thea's so massively helped us out and supplied a lot of the decs! the beautiful photo banner and the garlands and chalk boards and my personal fave the gold glitter letters!

I bought gold and pink  pinwheel decs for the cake smash background but they were dotted around the venue - I had intended to go down earlier to set up but that didn't happen so kate our friend who runs the pub actually did all the decorating!! you can tell she does kids parties often as I had left photos in the boxes and she knew they were for a 1 day 1 year board!
I love that they provided chair and table covers as this just makes me happy as it means everything looks matching!

the cake was made by my sisters friend which was beautiful although I did change the ribbon for lace as it fitted the theme more! my sister also asked for half vanilla and half chocolate which I think was a good choice! my cutting skills are not the best and I think I could have done with ordering a bigger cake! I am kicking myself I did not get a pic of the cake on a wall back ground only on the table that was facing a black area! I also did not get a photo of the chalk boards gift table or food table!!!

 the pictures above are random food ones I took to be honest the last thing on my mind was photos for the blog which I really needed! as what else will I put on this blog so I'm working with what I did get! the party was good fun and I hope our guests that made it had a good time Thea partied so hard she fell asleep on the way home!
The following day I did a DIY style cake smash which was fun! I managed to loose half the background in transit from the venue somehow so had less to work with but I'm happy with the pics they still need fully editing but I'm going to share them on this blog then if anyone wanted to know more I will have a cake smash blog up soon after this one which has taken me longer to write than I thought considering the lack of photos!! I also have so many lovely photos of friends and family but I figured not everyone would want to feature on the blog!

I feel really emotional writing this because our friends and family really made the day special for us and the generosity was beyond amazing we didn't ask for gifts just peoples attendance if they were free would in our eyes be the gift! as most friends and family are not that local to the venue, Thea is one lucky girl! she had so many beautiful gifts every time she opened one my heart melted! a lot of the gifts had a lot of thought behind them and a few were more maybe for me as I'm obsessed with putting Thea in headbands and my old managers and work friend bought for Thea the most beautiful headbands! along with some fab outfits which I have yet to photograph! Thea was lucky enough to get her very own unicorn and donkey! in the form of rocking horses which she loves! a fab unicorn balloon which she plays with and every time she sees it says me ha ha - I think she is letting us know its hers! as I happen to love unicorns to!

Thea enjoying her donkey! in the pic above I haven't downloaded the pics of Thea loving her unicorns !
our friend Shelley gave Thea a wonderful outfit which made tear up because my aunt had given Thea a similar outfit in an all in one version when she was born and it bought back memories of when Thea was born! also I felt emotional as Shelley's daughter is 6 weeks older than Thea and had handmade a card its so cute!!! Thea has spent the last two days zooming around the flat on their other gift which was a fab pepper pig bike/seat/car ?!? not to sure what it would be classed as! Thea loads in a toy into the seat storage and gets on it and with my help zooms around she loves it I think she will enjoy it even more when she is more confident on her feet to move it herself however she is using it as a walker! maybe we will have walking without holding on soon!
I got a bit side tracked there! so going back to cake smash!

I used pinwheel decs over a blanket with the gold glitter letters for wider shots Thea's cake was made by our friend Sarah it was a beautiful unicorn - I need to edit those cake pics as I left it on the plate and the placed it on the stand so I need to edit that to show it off properly it was so cute I didn't want Thea to smash it up!

Thea's outfit was all Instagram purchases from a tutu from a company called babylaneuk her vest was a pink ballet vest with gold glitter in the style the loopy one from talioredwithlove and her headband was from our fave bow place dotties bowtique in size medium with gold glitter centre I will do a cake smash blog separately I am happy with the way they came out just wish I had a bigger back ground to use I did get some non cake wider shots which I really like to mark her birthday we also had our friend nikki from nikki cawte photography over this week and she snapped the max and molly custom romper which I will be using for her 12 month photo and update blog !


these photos above are not edited! but they give you an idea of the wider shots!
all in all we had a fab b day with Thea I feel very lucky to have our friends and family I cant believe a year has gone I keep saying to everyone this time last year I was....
I hope this next year to sort Thea's allergies and fully clear her eczema I hope we have as much fun to as we have this year although its been hard its been amazing!  
 I have learnt a lot about myself and I can say being a parent has made me a better person!
I will continue to take photos and be active on here and insta as I have found this blog and insta becoming a mum hobby for sure! there are many tutu and headbands to be photographed! easter is approaching!

thank you for reading cake smash blog and 1 year update pending and still skinny tan and matching mum and baby in the pipe line!

Hannah and Thea

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