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Thea in a max and molly romper the same company who are making a custom 1 year photo romper with a dotties bowtique custom headband 

Hi, Today's blog is all about the big 1 birthday prep! 
yes i know its a good few weeks away still but i'm so excited if a tad emotional to!
i just thought i would share my plans for decorations and outfits - yes more than one!
photo sessions for cake smash and one year - i said photo wise i would document 1 year monthly and then after as and when so 1 year  photos will be on a photography background as i think i will frame one as i had a beautiful romper made for it! 

so decoration wise the theme is girly ombre pink mostly with a few hints of blue silver and gold 
for the cake smash back ground i decided to splash out of some more expensive decs which i would not normally do but these were the only ones i could find that perfectly matched my theme in my head! i had already purchased some candles, plates and napkins from the same brand in the jan sales so it also made sense as the colours match perfectly! as we all know im criminal for browsing pinterest for photo ideas so i found a couple i liked and went with similar ideas.

this image is not mine taken from google
this is an idea i liked for theas theme for photos 

so going with the pink gold theme i found these paper fan decorations from ginger ray now is it just me or is 6.99 for 3 expensive?! i ordered two lots of both for the photography background, our lovely friend Shelley who's daughter turned one in Feb lent us a huge amount of decorations which has been a massive help! so amongst the decs she gave us to use was the same banner i would have bought in gold also from ginger ray not pictured which will go in the middle with the paper fans either side.
im in two minds still if i should by some other bits for the floor of the back drop maybe some pink and gold round fluffy balls or maybe some cheaper style fans if i can colour match them well enough!

For the table which will have the cake - my sister has a cake maker friend who has kindly offered to make the cake which is pink and white with a gold glitter topper, i'm keeping the cake part a surprise for  both her b day party and cake smash for the b day blog! i had intended to make Thea's cake myself but haven't even attempted to trial it and so prob not a good idea last min! our lovely friend Sarah is making a beautiful cake for the cake smash and frankly i'm going to feel terrible letting Thea smash it! Sarah is making the smash cake free from so Thea can eat it hopefully with no probs!

side tracked there a bit getting back to the table we are having the party in a friends pub which has a function room so she will cover the chairs and tables in white so i'm keeping it simple with a tassel banner Shelley lent us and maybe some sprinkles !
for cake plates i just bought a few pink and gold ones from ginger ray along with matching napkins i love the pink and gold combo!

For the rest of the room i have a 12 month photo banner which again Shelley lent us which will hang somewhere mixed with the fans from the photography back ground and i will be getting a 1 helium balloon and prob happy birthday also simple but i hope it will look ok!

For outfits i have ordered a one ballerina vest in pink with one in gold glitter from a company i found on instagram - tailoredwithlove along with a cake smash ombre pink and white tutu  from another instagram company - babylaneuk with a dottiesbowtique pink with gold centre medium bow!
our lovely friend Sarah bought thea some fab clothes for christmas one was a fab pink and gold skirt which i'm going to pair with the one vest pink bow , tights and a cardi and i had a custom white and lace romper made for 1 year photos which you will see on the b day blog which is from another insta shop max and molly all of this i will be flat lay photographing for the other blog!

all in all a short little decoration blog brief idea of what we will be doing hopefully we will get some fab photos im borrowing our friend nikki's  photography background and taking the photos on my i phone! we are super lucky to have such helpful friends!

thanks for reading
Hannah and Thea

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