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Thea this week

sorry for such a long gap!  we hope you had a lovely jan! a Thea update is long over due! we have been getting used to a new routine for me being back at work and Dom being off from work with a bad back so writing has been on the bottom of the list for a while but i really wanted to do a small update as we have made some progress with Thea's skin!

Im sure i have mentioned various times that Thea's skin has been on and off terrible since she was born and i have done a blog about things that did and did not work, now we have had to see a private Dr as the NHS couldn't prescribe the strength of cream we ended up needing as it wasn't improving or healing and it was becoming worse and worse.
Again nights were really bad they have never been amazing but they seemed to go backwards and it was becoming really frustrating on top of work and no sleep getting no where with allergy testing or getting Thea's skin better! we decided with a letter from our Dr to see a private one to move things forward quicker as the NHS Will not in our area or on our Drs advice test Thea before 12 months old which is insane as i know other mums who have had their kids tested earlier than 6 months as hard as we tried even with Thea's symptoms being classed as emergency and failure to survive due to not being able to eat solids and not gaining weight  we couldn't be seen .

so things have improved loads but still a few patches remain on Thea's face but teething doesn't help but overall wow the difference is amazing and nights are ok still not the best but better!
the DR gave  us a anti- bacterial body wash - our Dr gave an oil which was ok but not really helping, they gave us a strong steroid for strict use twice a day thin layer which combined with the wash in a day eliminated all the red and itchy patches to small non raised not red patches to no patches  and Thea stopped itching and became more settled but we still keep her scratch sleeves on at night as she does itch out of frustration or force of habit not sure which one really but she still itches sometimes during the night.

Thea 7 months

Just by having the stronger cream and hope of allergy testing three weeks flew by and we were told we could book for allergy tests private at the same clinic so we are looking into that this week so all in all progress being made and solid food looks like it will be ok now Thea's skin is under control and we can get her tested to avoid the serious reaction triggers - the Dr did warn us that allergy advice changes frequently so her advice would be to introduce every food slowly and controlled but not to give up if we see a reaction as its possible the more Thea eats the trigger food in small amounts that her body then wont react to it anymore but obviously not continue if a bad reaction  happens and give her good space between if this happens to recover before starting again! so combined with the body wash/steroid cream and being only on the milk we see improvements so solids food starts again this week! 

Thea is doing well in other areas although we know she is not at the right size for her age her weight has levelled out and although not gaining heaps enough to not be a huge concern, Thea is crawling and standing copying as best she can words and shes learnt to wave and clap! how to play peak a boo  and she understands gestures for her bottle or water! she now has 8 teeth and a bit more hair yipee! so all round not to bad we think she will figure walking soon enough!

Thea doing better and having had Dom off work lead me to think about work and money as if Dom had to give up work how would we manage my wage doesn't cover everything and how would i be able to provide a uni fund or savings for Thea in the future - i love my job and enjoy it but the money could be better ! so a mum friend and i have been talking for a while about how to earn from home while working to get extra money for uni funds holidays savings things like that, i have always wanted to set up a wedding hair and makeup venture but its to time consuming with a retail job that means working all weekends and holidays.

My mum friend mentioned a company and that she was going to give it ago and would i be interested in joining  her and after being really sceptical we chatted and we realised we can make it work we have so many tools and friends that we really could achieve extra earnings between full time work .
so i'm really considering taking that opportunity between my job and hey if it doesn't work least we tried! i think if i can in the progress and achieve my goals its setting a good example to Thea and by blogging and documenting my journey - good or bad, i can encourage other mums to do the same! this company actually appealed to be on a level of how it works and how i feel about my body post Thea! and having done some homework i think i would be happy to be part of that company! vs others but its personal choice many people do similar things with other companies i like this company for the natural ingredients and benefits to the body.

Thea this week

all in all new venture post pending once i have taken the plunge into actually doing something about earning more instead of moaning! doing something i enjoy - writing a blog posts baby related or new venture related i enjoy writing about many things so why not earn for myself and my family at the same time?! have any of you guys started a new project while off with maternity leave?! i would love to know ans hear about your experiences! 

enough ranting from me hope to write again soon! thank you for reading! 
Hannah and Thea xx

current products for Thea 
to use in every bath 

to use only for 1 week max at a time only on bad areas 

to be used daily at night

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