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Hi, finally a blog!
Christmas! so its been and gone but here is a little blog on our little trip to Newquay Cornwall
we spent christmas in a really cute cottage close to the beach and right next to sainsbury's - you may wonder why i am adding that - its because i love the line of baby clothes from TU by Sainsbury's and dom found such a cute sleeping bag thats a unicorn, and i also found myself in the baby section more than once looking at clothing but managed to only buy one pair of boots!

The cottage was lovely and very farm feeling the living room area had a lovely log burner which would have been so festive but we had no need to use it as it was warm throughout  the cottage once the oven was on for dinner and everyone was in the living room - I thought being by the sea I would be freezing but actually London was colder!
we had a lovely little room above the front of the house which worked well for having Thea as at night we were a little bit further away from the family as she still is not sleeping all night and while we were away she was having an allergy issue! so some tears at night!
the other part of the cottage was lovely every room had a different sea theme and amazing windows as you may have seen I took a few photos of Thea at the windows! running joke also as all the bedrooms with bathrooms had them in what i can only describe as a very small cupboard! ours was ok but honestly the other one was a case of go in sideways and suck in and then turn ha ha !anyway- for me there is just something more festive about a cottage than our flat! maybe its the sea air and no planes going over and the fresh feel with the big windows?!

our mini christmas tree!

log burner in the living room

going to bed on Christmas eve and waking up Christmas morning in the cottage felt very festive!
our friend Sarah gave Thea a lovely Christmas eve sleep suit and my mum had given Thea a Christmas eve book so Thea wore the sleep suit and I read her the night before Christmas - she had no clue she basically just tried to eat the book and roll away maybe next year she will be more into the reading before bed?! We slept a bit later Christmas day but Dom and I were first up with Thea so we had a cup of tea and opened our gifts from each other, when everyone was up we had the best cooked breakfast which was fab as it kept us going til Christmas dinner which was amazing really well cooked by Dom's brother Lee's boyfriend Jaime who is a chef, how lovely is that having a chef in the family! first time we were meeting him on this trip and he spent a lot of his time in the kitchen! i would like to say i helped out with the food but everyone knows i never cook, Dom's other brother James and his wife Jill along with Dom helped with the food!
so Christmas day consisted of amazing home cooked food lots of laughing and opening gifts Thea had a fair few even tho we packed smaller ones to take!

christmas morning breakfast 
Christmas day was lovely and i love that in years to come Thea will be older and more excited! i'm a huge kid still when it comes to Christmas! I feel very lucky to have been able to spend Thea's first Christmas off work as working in retail is rubbish when it comes to working holidays so I will always look back and be happy we could spend it as a family! 

Dom and I Christmas day 

we stayed for 5 days with Dom's family and spent a lovely evening in Launceston meeting Dom's extended family who had yet to meet Thea and we had not seen everyone since our wedding 4 years ago! we saw the family the day before Christmas eve, Christmas eve was a relaxed chill day for everyone with last min food and drink shopping.

Moving on to my fave day Boxing day normally if we are home its a pj day with food and family, this year Dom's family booked Jaime Oliver's restaurant 15 in water gate bay - not far from where we stayed a quick cab trip which was funny a big car small beach parking and one to many steps after eating ha ha!

so I was excited to eat here as I had heard many good things about it I believe it was his first restaurant where they train and teach young people in need to become professional chefs, all profit goes to the charity - the Cornwall Food Foundation.
The menu was amazing and you never know what you may get as the menu is subject to what arrives at the front door the morning of your booking!
I had my fingers and toes crossed for some sea food!

The view and location alone would get 10/10 for being beautiful you would have no idea it was December, the sun was shining and the beach was full of people learning to surf and families walking along the sea front.

The venue was nicely decorated and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the menu and the wines- we did a wine pairing so every course has a matching glass of wine, so I was two behind everyone as I was taking a sip with the matching meal and then stuffing my face ha ha! i ended up passing on most glasses i'm not a huge wine person- having said that I could get the reasons for each pairing so it is worth doing if you enjoy wine and even if you don't so much it does enhance the meal and experience!

view from 15 
now I was excited and didn't really consider the blog post so my memory of what we ate may be a tad off but where I can I can say what it was! Each plate was like a piece of art and the flavours were incredible- now anyone who has eaten here and thought hmm mid range in the food world - I honestly wouldn't know why but i'm not a food critic and i love most foods so in a sense i'm easily pleased!

Starter- excuse these untouched photos Dom took some really good ones that look arty i was to busy thinking about eating to take good ones! the starter i chose as there was two options to each course, i went for mozzarella with hazelnuts and some form of cabbage?! with a drop of oil sorry for the rubbish descriptions! 

To follow we had this little lobster tortellini which was so good the source tasted really good I cant for the life of me remember anything helpful about this! there was a crunchy element which really added to the dish - no surprise I don't remember the ingredient! All we need to know is it was good!

The main course was one of my fave parts wood fired beef with polenta , carrots and kale - the menu worded way more fancy than my description! the beef was cook so well and every flavour complimented each part, the serving was huge i love that sometimes in restaurants they serve small portions and you leave feeling hungry!

to finish we had a festive bread pudding with marmalade ice cream to follow that we had little truffles which were by far one of the best truffles i have ever had - maybe easily pleased but to me hard to beat now i've eaten these- chocolate is my one food love over nearly any other food so i've had a fair few truffles in my time! coffee to finish!

i wanted to buy a box but it was 16 pounds for one box! 

Poor Thea ate her food a boring banana cracker and her milk as we cant give her anything else until her allergy appt, Thea was asleep for the majority of the meal we had our own little room so when she was awake I could let her crawl around and she wouldn't escape into the main part which was lovely! the staff were really friendly towards Thea which was good it makes for a nicer experience when everyone is friendly! i have to add this random point the baby change was really nice clean smelt fresh always a winner in my view!

Thea enjoying her 15 experience 

We hope you had a fab Christmas holiday, thank you for reading my ramble, posts will be few for a while as i'm back in full time work, hoping to do a Thea update soon and of course a 1st birthday blog post with pictures I have found a few instagram shops for handmade rompers which I want to get and photo also, I have the holiday blues writing this as its a school night as they say well nearly my last full weekend off with Dom and Thea!
I would also like to add thank you to everyone who has read/visited the blog and our Facebook page its had way more reads than I thought - I was nervous I would be rambling to myself! I will try and think of some good content for the coming year as i'm learning as I go with having Thea and her allergies and eating/skin difficulties!
 Thanks again for reading 
Hannah and Thea 

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