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Hi, Today's blog is about headbands as we have a fair few in Thea's collection!
i say a fair few it could be worse i tend to put Thea in the same few and have a couple that i got to match certain outfits or dresses. 

My love of headbands started before Thea was even born! i blame Pinterest and Instagram i saw so many new born photography with babies in headbands! which lead me to go on Etsy where i bought the first thing for Thea after we found out she was a girl, a white hand made oversized bow from Australia - I could have found an English seller but i was over excited and from Australia seemed more fancy ha ha, i wanted  a simple style white bow for what i kept thinking i would use for her birth announcement pic - i didn't count on feeling like i had been hit by a bus after the labour and c section - it took me four days to get a pic of her wearing it and it wasn't as photogenic as the ones i had been looking at ha ha but i still love the pic and her first headband i have yet to buy more of this style in patterns and colours! 

Thea's 4 day old photo with the headband 

Thea wearing the headband at a month old 

places i buy from - top place would be amazon- so many choices and designs from headband bows to head wraps which i have yet to try i'm to into the bows to try anything else! 
amazon have great prices for headbands ans most of the ones i order are from china at a super cheap price of no joke 29p and shipping is maybe a few pounds so all round great, my fave amazon ones are the soft washer woman style technically on the website as tonsee rabbit bow ear headband. 
i only bought this style in pink and white as they seem to match most of Thea's outfits and i think she find these the most comfy to wear as she rarely attempts to pull them off!
i did order a red one from another brand but i found the bow part to big and have only used it once so far as the red is more of an orange red i was searching for a true red for Christmas - happened to find the perfect one more on that later..

Pink rabbit ear amazon headband

white rabbit ear amazon headband

other amazon ones i bought are a grey and pink one to match a grey and pink dress dom bought for Thea i could have used the white amazon but i wanted something that matched it more, i also got a white satin gem flower one which goes with loads but Thea doesnt like wearing it as much as the others i think this is because its smaller and the material is not as soft as the others! the grey one was £1.48p and the white one was £1.02 both free uk delivery 

Another place i cannot help but always look for baby clothes and headbands is Asda the four i bought from Asda were 2 packs honestly one set ive used once and now they seem summery so Thea prob wont fit in them when next summer comes, the other set i use a bit more as they are pink and white simple flowers so they go with loads of outfits which helps! i think i paid around 3 or 4 pounds for the sets which is not to bad! more summery set not pictured simple small bows with bright patterns!

Asda set for around 3 or 4 pounds

White asda headband

pink asda headband 

a new find for the most adorable hand made bows and headbands which i just love and Thea wears this headband the most is from a company called little dotties bowtique on instagram and facebook, my sister actually sent me a pic from her insta page and knowing how much i love a headband said i should check out the bows as she knew i would love them and she wasn't wrong! 

red bow with glitter centre
from little dotties bowtique 

any headband or bow combo you can think of and custom orders! 
so far i have one band as i said but i intend on expanding this into a collection and i shall be getting Thea's first birthday band from this company as you can ask for custom designs, so to my point i was on the hunt for a Christmas band for Christmas day and the festive season and the bow maker had posted a beautiful set of small bows which was made in headband form also so i jumped at the chance to get one who doesn't love red and red glitter?! i also bought one for Thea's baby friend to wear for a festive baby photo session with matching jumpers! yes we love Christmas that much! 

christmas photo with little dotties bow
Asda jumper 

long story short these headbands do not disappoint they are very well made and a good size you order age according which can be risky as not all babies have the same size head! both bands fit really well and look super cute and this sounds weird but they photograph so well - when the bands arrived i tried it on Thea she was in a baby grow and the light wasn't the best but the bow looked great in the pics and every photo ive done since the band just looks lovely  i cant recommend this company enough! and i love that its a independent brand.

This headband goes with so much festive jumpers and baby grows and even some tops and dresses that i wouldn't have thought it would have looked good with but it does! i'm sure if i had one in white Thea would live in it, i love that it holds its shape and that Thea finds it  comfortable to wear! i love that  it fits well and that it was a great price and its helping an independent company for both bands it was under £9.00 and i think even the custom ones are a similar price! all round by far my fave new place to get bands from if you couldn't tell from my facebook and insta page!


little dotties bowtique
you can find them on facebook and instagram!

image from little dotties example of bows!

image taken from little dotties example of bows
little pig tail bows and bands and bows! the possibility are endless!  

so that's my headband post a tad random but people do ask about the bands!
sorry for the gap in posting i am back at work well helping out at a pub few times a week and next week im doing some keep in touch days at my shop so life has been a bit crazy and time has run away from me finding the time to write has been a squeeze as Thea's allergies flared up rather badly so sleep and time to write went out the window Thea update coming soon , i cant believe i used up all my pre written posts so quickly! 
i shall attempt to write a Christmas post as we are spending Thea's first Christmas with Dom's family on the coast and im sure a new year post before full time work starts again how has it been a year already!

thanks for reading 
Hannah and Thea xx

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