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wet and wild
comfort zone 

Hi , today's blog is about another makeup brand i love and i can honestly say i love this brand of eye shadow more than mac! big statement i know if i was reading this as a makeup wearer i would be thinking impossible! i had no idea a drugstore brand could make eye shadows this blend-able  and this creamy and dreamy ha ha!

smokey black eye using just a black and warm brown
warm brown from comfort zone black from blue had me at hello

My top and most used of these palette is the green comfort zone the green shade is so easy to apply and looks great with or without a base . sometimes i use a green base or the nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk or mac base all make the colour pop more but its totally ok without you can even get away with not using a brush and use your finger its that easy to use and apply!
the deep brown/blue shade when applied as a transition shade between the crease and the lid actually pulls a very warm brown once applied in the pan it looks dark and scary!   
the combo i use is the green all over the lid leaving the tear duct free, the dark brown/black in the outer corner and then the brown/blue shade as a transition colour from crease to lid as it really adds warmth to the look this is the combo i always go for if i miss out the transition shade it just doesn't have the same smokey warm look without it, i then apply the highlight shade as a inner corner/tearduct colour to brighten up the look i sometimes run all the shades under my eye if i want it to look extra smokey or if its a day time look i leave the under eye part out.

comfort zone eye shadow
looks washed out as it has an insta filter over the top!

blue had me at hello

the next top one i use is blue had me at hello, for a while i used this one to do a rainbow look shadow along with a purple from the petal pusher palette, then i discovered how amazing the shimmery blue is all over the lid with the blue /brown shade from the comfort zone palette! great for a night out/occasion shadow look. i also love the bright teal blue shade great for summer with a light inner corner colour smudged into the teal for a night time look a brown shade would work well to make it more smokey looking. the darker blue shade works well for a navy blue smokey eye using the brown from the comfort zone palette as a crease shade and the black as a outer corner shade again taken under the eye for a more smokey look

blue had me at hello

petal pusher

the final one that i use is the petal pusher a mix of purples which again i always use as a smokey look 
using the shimmery purple all over the lid and using the matt purple as the outer corner colour and no transition shade but you could use the pink for that if you wanted a soft smokey look. 

these palettes are made so you can have a few different looks in one you can use them downwards as a combo across as as combo  i just love these shadows all of them are creamy and pigmented and so easy to apply.

petal pusher excuse the heavily pregnant face!

blue had me at hello shades 

all these shades are very affordable and great quality you can get them on amazon at selected times they are harder to find in the uk i always ask dom to grab them for me when he goes away, i love them so much i have backups of the green shades as i use it that much!
Thanks for reading I can't wait to start some festive Christmas posts soon !
hannah and Thea xx

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