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Tomee Tipee Perfect Prep Machine 

We got the machine in black 

Hi, today's blog is about the tomee tipee perfect prep machine! 
When I told my friends and family that I was thinking about buying this machine there was a mixed response, some people thought it would be a good time saver , others said I was being lazy and why not just do it like everyone has been for years with the kettle. 
I am in no way saying you must get this machine I am expressing my views as I chose to buy this product it is personal choice like formula feeding vs breast feeding! 

Yes this can be seen as lazy and yes you may not a agree but for me I am glad I got this machine it took all the worry of is it cold enough out of bottle making as a new parent I had many bottle issues some of which are silly like the is it cold enough ?! But I found having the machine that makes the bottle to room temp a help and also night feeds were quicker instead of hanging around cooling the bottles or waiting for the kettle to boil I could make a bottle in less than a few mins. 
It has also been great when Thea is so hungry she won't wait it's so quick this really isn't an issue as it would be if you hadn't pre - cooled your bottle for feed time !

not my kitchen or machine  image taken from google!
pic showing the machine dispensing the second load of room temp water 

I had read and watched many reviews on the machine again mixed bag some loved it some hated  it and when I finally decided to get it I did wonder if I was doing the right thing due to the way the bottles were made - to achieve room temp in under 2 mins the machine gives 1 ounce  of boiled water and then the remaining ounces in room temp water via a filter , now bottle making rules change all the time back when I was little you could store them in the fridge all day if you wanted these days it seems you can't and have to boil the water and make as you go - now yes I understand that the boiled water will kill any germs in the formula making it safer and full feeds boiled would of course be better than 1 ounce.

Now when my midwife saw I was using the machine on a visit she said she had been advised to ask parents not to use the machine because of the fact that the machine only gave a small amount of boiled water therefore not killing the bacteria or germs in the formula, and she had seen reports of mould growing in the water filter tank - yes I see this is horrible and not safe but we clean ours regularly and we change the filter regularly therefore no mould has the chance to grow the water is not in there long enough to cause a build up of stagnant water. 
And as I had used it from day one I and hadn't noticed Thea was unwell from it or anything bad and I even facebooked asked other mums if they had it and how they felt incase I really shouldn't be using it but all of the mums who had one said they had used it their kids were ok and healthy so it really put my mind at ease so I have continued to use it and even my family members who hated it at first have come around to how quick and easy it is and how much time it saves !

filters for the machine- they last 3 months 

Yes the health concerns worries me and yes I do wonder did if I did the right thing by buying it but as Thea is now 6 months her body is growing and is less likely to pick up any formula issue regarding germs I feel ok to continue to use it i did also question if that was the cause of the reflux and sickness at first but we know for sure it's not due to the formula changes and skin issues it was in no way related to the machine it was the milk protein allergy that was causing the sickness. 
As this crossed my mind more after the midwife told me to stop using it ! 
Overall it is personal choice and I find it to be helpful and safe in my case and there were no reports on kids being unwell from the machine jut that mould can grow ?! 

Anyway enough of the politics if formula feed  or breast feed someone will judge you and so machine or no machine is really a personal thing ! And health risks can be in any form of feeding ! 

So the machine itself I like and I find it easy to clean was easy to set up and easy to work however my biggest issue with this machine is the fact that it is so sensitive to heat that if it's hot out the machine will not work until it is cool enough so no warm water when filling and you can't use it if your kitchen is hot ?! Out flat is 27 on a day with no heating and it's normal temp outside so you can imagine the machines reaction to our flat ! So many times over the summer we had to chuck in ice to get it working! And that was very annoying and frustrating ! - this was mentioned in reviews but I didn't understand why it was an issue until I experienced it for myself ! Day in day out in the summer!

not my machine or kitchen image taken from google! image showing the ounce settings on the dial 

To be honest that is my only issue with the product I like how easy it is to change the setting when the feeds go up in ounce and I love how easy it is to work and use.
all in all as i only have one issue with the product i'm glad we got it, the other issue that came up on reviews was that the machine beeps loudly during making the bottle to alert you to add the formula - this is not an issue for me it never woke Thea up or bothers us during the day!
we bought the back to nature starter set to go with this machine although we bought this first and eventually got the machine the bottles fit and everything can be used the kit has everything you need its a great starter pack for anyone looking for one! - most bottles fit the machine we also used Dr browns.

thanks for reading hope this review helps if your searching for this machine or just curious!
hope to write again soon
Hannah and Thea xx
back to nature starter kit we bought it in black!

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