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Hi, today we talk all things Halloween!

Halloween and Christmas are my fav times of year so much so I take the decorating a little to far even the bathroom gets some festive decs around these times! 
I hope when Thea is older she shares my excitement for Halloween and Christmas! 

I thought I would write a Quick blog on quick and easy costumes for babies, I'm writing this after a long night of no sleep a lot of crying and constant struggle to stop Thea itching - we tried some new foods which set her skin and sickness off to a new level of BAD ! So the
Last few days and nights have been a struggle  so forgive me if there are spelling mistakes and things I haven't noticed during the typing and checking before publishing this today is Saturday 29th so I  wanted to have the Halloween blog up and ready for  the 31st ! 

So massive costume fail on my part for Thea's first Halloween I got her a pumpkin all in one but it was massive and I didn't get the chance to exchange it for the smaller size I got 6-9 but thea is still on 0-3 mostly baby grow wise ?! Why I thought it would fit who knows I got excited was shopping with my sister at the time and we saw the adult Halloween t shirt section ha ha that sounds weird !!
( nothing weird I just mean big people t shirts !)

So Thea actually has no costume but before I ordered a couple of random easy and
Quick Halloween / baby photography costumes that could be good for last min options 
The first one I got was a lady bird I just had in mind that I could photo it for Halloween and also use it for a photo shoot
For my sisters new born since I have been  off work I've been attempting to do some baby photography mostly with Thea! Just for fun I really enjoy the creative side of it, so I thought great a double use for that costume! I love it think it's really cute and easy if you needed a quick costume only thing is you would need a black baby grow - hardest thing to find I swear ! For the pics it was just a nappy but for actually using it as a costume baby grow is needed !

The hat is easy and cute and fits Thea well a tad big for my sisters new born but laying down to photo it you would never know ! The shell was cute tho a few of the dots were falling off my the end of the photos ! And it doesn't attach to anything as it is made for
New borns who don't move but this is easily solved by some ribbon so you can use it as a costume which I'm panning to do for Thea as we have a fancy dress party coming up !

The second one I got was a peacock costume which I gravitated towards because of the headband and the colours no one else likes this costume ! Anyway it's again needing a black baby grow if it was to be used as a costume but the tail part attaches around the waist and the headband is cute could even be used for a 40s theme it's great for new born photos it's actual purpose!
The third one I got again a photography outfit really was a little rabbit one which is a hat and a bottom part that cover and attaches like a nappy - best way to describe it ! This one is easy with a white baby grow under it ! All of these are cheap and quick and easy! 

The only other Halloween thing we have done is go pumpkin picking with my sister and her 3 girls which was fun and we had our traditional hocus pocus night with our friend Alex it's not Halloween without watching hocus !
My pumpkin carving skills is so bad I can't even bring myself  to upload the pic I wanted to do jack from nightmare before Christmas but ended up using the wrong knife and ended up doing a ghost face which then I messed up and it caved in on itself so now it looks like Micky mouse!
Next time I'm letting my sister Laura do my one she's really good a carving them ! And my sisters husband is always doing really good ones for the girls !

I hope one year we can spend Halloween in America ! I think that would be super cool much more festive than here maybe!  I've seen those Halloween stores jam packed with Halloween goodness! In America , While we get small sections in supermarkets and of course fancy dress shops but it's just not the same here! Would be so cool to have a massive Halloween shop ! And maybe some different Halloween sweets!

We hope you have a spooky Halloween!
Thanks for reading
Hannah and Thea

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