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It's true what I read on a quote thing a while ago on Pinterest it said "no is is prettier than you they just have more apps" I like this quote! I don't jazz up every single photo I have with filters I only really do them to enhance the colours or look of a makeup photo or add a little colour to a baby photo  having said that my favourite photos are actually often black and white !!

 I'm going to go over how I edit my pictures when I'm taking makeup or baby photos I don't have a fancy camera or any light boxes which to be fair I would love but for me my I phone provides me with everything I need.

For makeup photos same as baby photos i use INSTAGRAM most but recently i found another app that i love which is ENLIGHT another app i also love and used for my own bump pictures was AFTERLIGHT - great for shadow shots and editing backgrounds not so great for me personally for filters i much prefer insta or enlight! PICFX is one of my most used apps so there is a section on that.
  this is how i edit my photos i am not a professional and i just do it my spare time!  if your a new mum or expecting or have a little one this blog will show some quick and easy ways to get cute photos! the makeup ones are always inspired by photos i see in makeup books or on pinterest!
anyone who knows me well enough will laugh as most of these are colour filters but my fav baby photos are often classic black and white!
As this is a quick little blog if you wanted full app details and a more in depth look youtube is full of tutorials on these apps i just play around with them so i may not be using them to the full potential!

untouched photo
(tired eye bags ha ha)
As shown i open insta with a original un-touched photo it takes all of a few seconds to scroll along and see which filter compliments the makeup or if it was a baby photo i would look for outfit colours and which filter brings them out or enhances the light or exposure of the photo.
quick filter in insta 

so as shown in the pic i went for the filter nashville for this photo as it enhances the colour of makeup and hair and evens out the skin as i'm not wearing any other makeup other than eye and lip! insta is the quickest and easiest of the edit apps for me often i barely change the photo! most people use insta so i dont need to go into detail!

Enlight app logo 

I love Enlight for more fun filters you can mix colours in various ways in a mix of combos to create some cool effects as shown below 
this is a duo effect filter, this is one of my most used apps and filter overlay options, you can do a range of combos and a range of shapes and pick the colours you want if you dont want to use the pre set ones
the Elight app has great filters under the analog section which same as the duo you can choose if you want to change them up by using the direction of the colour or mixing or adding colour if you click on tools under any of the filters you can do simple changes like brightness, exposure,shadow,highlight and definition - you could for a super quick edit do that in your i phone camera settings no need for a separate app! 

duo effect from Enlight
In Enlight as i said you can choose the direction of the duo filter and the colour which means you and highlight any particular part of the photo for example you could choose one part to highlight the hair only slightly creating a ombre colour look or highlight the skin or face and not the other parts keeping them more defined in the original colours 

creating a slight ombre hair look
in duo filter in Enlight

filters can be changed by directions
 or shapesto create numerous 
effects and ombre colours 

duo ombre colour example on one of my makeup looks
this photo was taken in day light and i used insta to darken
the background and then added a duo filter over the top in Enlight

My next favourite app would be PICFX i use this for mainly the black and white filters or the broken light filters and the all colour change filters below are examples of the all colour change filters in picfx i want to say this is under the pixfx film section 

original image no filters 

For baby photos i also love picfx its quick and easy to edit photos and get a great finish 
below are examples of a few photos i took recently of my sisters new born baby girl Elodie just incase you were wondering this was taken on my lap mid feed! multi tasking at its finest! the blanket is super cute and the letter is white wood from amazon part of the ones i have on the wall of thea's room! so handy!
this is a light leak filter over
the top one of my most used!

this has a film filter very
lightly over the top 

original image nothing done to it taken
 on my i phone 
black and white image by Ewa Highland Photography
i added over a light leak filter just for fun
the photo in black and white is one of my favs! 

I am in the process of writing and photographing a Halloween blog and used picfx for these pics below Thea as a ladybird!
 p.s costumes not scary!
The other app that i use to edit with is AfterLight i have not shown any photos from that app as i shall do a separate blog as i used this app to do bump photos and attempted pinterest inspired silhouette photos!
Thank you for reading!
hope to write again soon check in on 31st for my Halloween blog with Thea!

broken light filter over the top! just adds a bit of jazz!

original photo no filter  

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