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Nyx Macaron Lipsticks

Hi, todays blog is about more nyx the final collection of lipsticks i do own a few others but i would imagine by now 3 posts is enough because each one is about how fab they are and all of them are of the same quality! although like the wicked ones a few of these shades take a few more layers to get the colour pay off. 
now i may be wrong but i think the nyx were the first to launch pastel shades?!
and like the other collections as soon as i saw them i knew i needed them! 
everytime i look at them i think of summer!

03 keylime

Before the nyx ombre pencil days i loved this line of lipsticks for ombre looks with no liner just 2 colours darker first and then central the lighter shade but this took so much longer ages of smudging and tidying the edges!
I do think these shades although crazy colours are in some way more wearable than maybe the wicked collection?! Just because with the hair trends around now why not match your lipstick?!
The formula of these is a tad less Matt compared to the wicked line and I did find in no way can you have lip balm on before applying these shades it won't go on ! So it's a good idea to blot your lips dry before applying them to get the best application!

This is going to sound crazy but these lipsticks actually make fab eyeshadow bases if you want a bright colour so for example I find yellow eyeshadow really hard to get a good vibrant finish I have used before the citron shade a base and ontop a yellow shadow and it worked really well to be fair NYX milk pencil prob would have done the same job but the yellow really came out vibriant using the lipstick as a base !

Again I love the fact you can see the product colour around the middle so you don't have to open it or look at the bottom. I do think tho the packaging could be made of something a little more expensive looking and feeling I can't help but always think that although I like the design it really reminds me of wet and wilds lipsticks from a packaging point of view . 

All in all NYX is one of the best affordable brands out there in my opinion and I'm so over the moon that you can now buy most of the products in the uk in selected boots and next stores but I have found products missing in the U.K. Like the ombré pencils they were not available in boots probably online on the website but I never order from the site I always give Dom a huge list when he goes to America
I really wish NYX would open a store jut full top to bottom of products my dream job would be to run a NYX store!
i think I want to start a pitition for a full NYX store maybe that and Sephora will join the uk even better throw in some bath and body works to who's with me ?!?!

Thanks for reading hope to write again soon
Hannah and Thea xx 
ombre lip using 02 orange blossom and 07 citron
before the ombre pencil days!!!

full collection from nyx.com

 04 blue velvet

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