by - October 01, 2016

Hi! today we talk about 6 months!

Yay! 6 months time has flown by to fast from a tiny baby to 6 months already, to celebrate i had seen on pinterest cute pics marking the half year mark which made me of course think i could re create them, all i need is a 6 month old baby a background cake or cupcake phone and i'm ready!

so i decided to steal a neutral coloured blanket from my sister to use as a background and use the sofa as its got enough space to make a mess and good light from the balcony windows!
i did wonder if cupcakes were a good idea but no harm in a few licks of icing here and there! all Thea wanted to do for the most part is smash it up and rub it over the blanket.

i have no idea why i bothered to attempt putting a single candle in the cupcake i should have seen the hazard coming obviously its the first thing Thea wants to eat or put in her eye - the candle swiftly after a few pics comes out!
i don't have a fancy camera or anything really good to take pics with i always use my i phone and then some apps like Insta or Enlight 
these photos are fairly raw as in only an insta filter has been added looking at them maybe the bow was to much and the collar on the dress is very creased - I iron nothing ever why start now ?!
for me in every pic its Thea's expressions that make me love them some shes happy to have a cupcake in others she has no clue whats going on! i do forget she has no idea shes 6 months ha ha.

i just felt the need to document the half year mark to look back on and of course i will be documenting the year mark as most parents do! i'm sure we will have a party and some more cake for that, is it sad i already have her outfit planned colour theme and cake plans ready?!
for the first few photos she has on a sweet collar dress on and the headband everyone hates - this comes from before she was born - i always said the first pic i would send everyone would be black and white with a bow. obviously i hadn't thought about the fact i would have felt like i had been hit by a bus and not packed the headband either in my hospital bag!!
it took me four days to get that picture taken in case you were wondering!

the second photos she has on a cute white and pink dress on and pink headband
maybe its just me but i love Thea in a headband i think it makes her look more cute.
the first cupcake just had icing on it , the second one i added wafer flowers thinking it would add some jazz to the photo if anything it actually helped contain the icing so was less messy than the first  

i'm fairly sure the entire time Thea was thinking does daddy know i'm eating cake! is this allowed?! and no i didn't let her eat it she had a few licks of the icing and not really much of the actual cake!
the day before i did my usual bunch of pics i do monthly ones but i wanted to something a little different for 6 months

usual monthly photo!

so that's by random 6 month photo blog i will prob do a update one on solid food and development and current things we use like her bouncer and things!
thanks for reading hope to write soon 
Hannah and Thea xx

Thea at 6 months 

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