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Hi today's subject crazy moments after coming home with Thea 

Everyone who has had a baby will probably have had a crazy moment or to during the first few weeks if you have read my blog you already know that on day 1 I already forgot I had Thea πŸ™ˆ So already everyone is thinking how will she cope ha ha ! 
So we get over that hurdle and start the next few days with visits and m/w appts 
I'm not 100% on what this was I have a feeling it was towards the end of the week, Dom was away for 2 weeks after I had Thea so my mum stayed at our flat to help out , 
One morning I get up and feel really panicked I have never moved so fast in my life I say moved fast my legs had begun to swell and I was brewing the infection , I run into my mums room wake her up I yell where is the other baby ?!?! My mum is thinking it's early and your yelling where is the other baby ?! She says to me what other baby ?! I repeat where is the other baby ?!?  She says to me in that mum tone ha ha, hannah - not Han hannah - you have one baby her name is Thea.

My mum must have thought I had lost my marbles I say I do ?! Just one ?!  She says yes hannah one baby and that's Thea! To make it even more silly she points out that I'm holding Thea ! In my panic I had picked Thea up and run in to my mums room ?! I don't even remember picking her up! I was convinced I had 2 babies ?! Why who knows so weird ! I still laugh about this because I was genuinely confused about having had Thea and why I didn't have another baby
I would like to think it was lack of sleep strong Pain killers that  caused that random comfusion for me ha ha ! Also glad i only had one πŸ˜‚ 

The second thing to happen which I still laugh about isn't that bad but I found it so funny I nearly burst a stitch laughing when I finally realised what had happened 
Thea must have been maybe 3 days old and during the mid wife appts they ask many questions about your health and your toilet habits after birth as it can impact how often you πŸ’© Now I don't go around asking people how frequently they πŸ’© So the midwife asks  me have you πŸ’© Since having Thea I say no - she seems surprised because also normally they have to have had a πŸ’© And urine check off before you leave the hospital now remember I refuse to walk let alone do a urine sample so getting a πŸ’©Outta me was never going to happen ! 
Now sorry TMI i didn't go for 3 days so she asked what I ate for breakfast so i say coco pops 😳
Yeh you read that at 28 I eat coco pops for breakfast ! She replies right no have something else something that will help you go - fine I have my oats from my diabetes diets I will give up my coco pops and see .
So to skip over a day passes and I drink more water and eat better.
To be upfront here having your first πŸ’© Since having a baby I can only discribe as feeling like your about to give birth again - I know I know sorry ewwww
I'm so happy I did it that I randomly decided to tell my mum ?! As I condisdered it a good step ha ha and also Thea had been constipated and hadn't done anything for a few days and weirdly the same day she also did ha ha so I text something along the lines of this
" hi guess what I did a poop and so did Thea to πŸ™ " and then something about free nappy time as to why I thought Thea had pooped πŸ˜‚ I thought it had maybe been the fresh air πŸ™ˆ I then randomly go on about how thankful I was to have had my mums help during everything.
So I'm feeling pretty good and I get no reply so after my mum gets back to mine hours later I ask why didn't you reply ha ha I was so happy to have sorted the issue so the midwife will let me eat coco pops again πŸ˜‚ My mum then says what text I haven't had one ?!?!
Oooobhhhhhh yeh I now realised that I have two mums saved into my phone oh no really whhyyyyy I grab my phone and look at the mum number more closely yep you guessed it I've only gone and bloody sent it to Doms. Mum πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ™ˆπŸ˜³πŸ˜…
Now luckily for me doms mum is very laid back and having had kids she knew how this was and after I realised I sent a text saying sorry about the πŸ’© Message I thought it was my mums number
( Who sends their mum in law a text about having been to the loo ha ha )
Your own mum yeh she knows you well enough your mum in law maybe not as much !
Doms mum text back and said it's ok I thought it was for someone else but then adds I know how that feels having had 3 kids !! πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ
Embarrassing for me but funny !
So that's a few of the silly things that happened in my first week !
Maybe they are funnier to me than anyone else πŸ˜‚
Thanks for reading hope to write soon
Hannah and Thea xx

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