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Hi, today's blog post is about one of my favourite makeup brands NYX considering this brand is cheaper than most I find it to be the best for most things as the years have gone on and the popularity has grown the range of NYX has become a lot bigger and I love the lipstick line it ranges from Matt to gloss to bright coloured macaron inspired ones to really beautiful matalic ones which was the wicked collection Dom picked these up for me last year and I love them ! 

poppy and lily ombre pencil

Now if it wasn't for Dom I wouldn't own half the lipsticks from NYX that I do ! Every time he goes to America for work I always have a huge list of lipsticks from NYX most recently I've been dying to get my hands on the ombré lip pencils a double ended duo of goodness ! 
Somehow without telling Dom anything he always picks up things I love, all I had said over text was ombré lip duos while he was shopping now as it was night time here I was between Thea sleep training and sleeping myself I  missed the text Dom sent asking what shades , but as always he knows what colours I wear and what colours I love for any makeup be it eyeshadow or lipstick 
He bought 3 shades now having said NYX was cheaper than most these duos are 12 dollars each now that's not really that cheap when you think about it but I have to add I think they are worth every penny! Creamy smooth and totally blendable ombré lip lovers Like myself can wear these and it takes seconds - ok mins to apply ! 

In this pic I'm wearing hearts and spades a red and black duo 

All 3 shades are beautiful very pigmented and creamy they blend well  tho I will say hearts and spades (red and black shade ) was the easiest to blend considering it is black which in my experience tends not to be as blendable as other shades that are lighter. The other 2 shades still blend well they just feel a tad less creamy. Holly wood and wine is a bright pink and red duo which would be fab in the summer just as much in the winter as you can darken the liner for a more fall feeling look, poppy and lily is a light purple and darker purple mix a little less ombré as the colours are very close in shade I think it would Be easier to see in daylight rather than a night out in a darker environment ! 

Bottom shade hearts and spades 
Middle shade poppy and lily 
Top shade Hollywood and wine
holly wood and wine ombre pencil

Now the point of an ombré lip you may be asking yourself as you read this, well most ombré lips are done to create a bigger look if you feel your lips need enhancing - saves on expensive lip injections ! 
By using a darker shade faded into a lighter shade usually concentrated into the centre of the lips you would be surprised at the difference it can make! 
There are many techniques out there for creating an ombré some are so easy it doesn't even require a lip liner it's done with two shades of lipsticks I've tried this method -it can get messy but has a very natural barely there look which is lovely for day time and simple looks but these pencils create more of what I was looking for a very obvious ombré as I like a bolder lip look. 
On Pinterest and Instagram you can see some beautiful works of art done with ombré lipsticks and liners my favourite would be a sun set one done with orange and yellow go and have a look on pin and Insta you will waste ages looking at the beautiful pics ! 
Since colouring my hair I hadn't considered the makeup i wear may not always go with blue hair ! And to be honest I'm not sure I'm brave enough to wear the ombre red and black in public just yet but it would make a fab Halloween look and even a great look for anyone brave enough to wear it out ! I think when my hair is no longer blue I will be able to wear this out! 

I love that NYX have these duos they really give anyone the skill to do a quick and easy look that before would have taken longer having to find a lipstick and liner that you want to use which then would lead to do they go ?! Will the colours even ombré ?! ! But this does it for you a nice safe way to have an ombré look colours are ready to go! There are endless combos with these duos and a nice wide range of colours I will definitely be asking Dom to grab the other shades when he goes again!

In conclusion these duos are fab and so easy to apply! Darker liner to outline the lips and then the lighter lipstick shade to cover the remaining lip space quick rub together and that's it a beautiful blended ombré lip !
I realise this post doesn't have swatches I'm writing this in a nap break so when I have a few mins I shall insert swatches and also all colours on so you can see how lovely these pencils are! 
Hope this inspires some ombré lip wearing ! 
Hope to write again soon 
Hannah and Thea xx
Top - Hearts and Spades
Middle - Poppy and Lily
Bottom - Hollywood and wine

Thanks Dom for buying these! 
Top of my makeup bag items! 

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