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Hi ,
So you've read the mega long birth story ,the next few days were funny and I look back and laugh somehow again in the first week of having thea I manage to have a few complications eventually having to go back into the maternity triage to get sorted ! But this blog is hopefully shorter this is about the first few days!

My sister comes early to see us ! It's the first time I've seen my sister since she left just before the Epi experience so I fill her in about my first night with thea it was great midwife was amazing and helped me so much and I didn't need to leave the bed for anything or change a nappy ! The Epi had numbed my pain all night so I felt good well I felt tired but not in pain.

We spend the day talking and taking pics  but slowly I start to turn into someone I don't recognise A horrible mean annoying diva ! By the time visiting hours are over I had demanded a few things
 First thing I refuse to have my catheter taken out and when I finally agree the nurse accidentally sprays the other nurse with my pee 🙈  I demand pain killers stronger than what they give you normally I end up having morphine ?!?! I demand my pressure socks to be taken off - m/w agrees  on the term I have them on later ( i don't and have major complications later for that ) that was just to start , I asked my sister to stay over with me and my demands get worse in the night I have an allergic  reaction to my c section dressing so ask for it to be taken off again m/w agrees I think she was still angry from the fan ( I wasn't allowed one due to low blood sugar the cold air wasn't to touch thea as she was at risk ?! I kept putting it on and m/w kept turning it off )  as I'm standing up out of bed which I cried doing - the m/w was small and had to lift me with my sister as I said I couldn't do it myself 😳 , she rips the dressing off and then without warning injects me in the stomach which was sore flabby and painful with a heparin shot ! I was not expecting it and shouted as it hurt surprised no one said anything the ward was full !

After the injection I cry and again demand the fan I then spend some time in bed being quiet , my sister was a massive help she got me walking around in the night and got me to do a urine sample so that I could go home the following day without her I would have stayed in bed not walking and not doing the sample , she was so kind and didn't yell at me when I cried everytime I went to walk !

The following day thea gets checked and we get the all clear To go home ! being told you can go home is the best feeling ever , the m/w who discharged us was the m/w who induced me she was lovely and even gave me a weeks supply of the disposable undies that ended up saving me the week after ! Before we could go they have to check the size and position of your uterus - i know what ?! That's a thing they have to check - no one asked me anything about taking care of thea but they had to check my uterus 😂 It was the size of a football ?! She said that was perfect considering the size it was before - I took it as a compliment !

We leave with our red book thea and bags my dad drives us back yes it's only a min away from home but the drive was handy ! We get back  I get out of the car and completely forget about thea !!!  My dad reminds me she's there - yep day 1 and I already question my ability !

The rest of the day is a blur and we have one free day before the m/w visits and that is just as crazy as everything else one rolls me off my sofa As she thinks I'm getting up wrong 😑 Then she tells me my section is wonky - thanks just what I want to hear I feel fat and ugly already I don't need that ! , the same one goes into the bathroom and comes out asking about toothpaste 🙈 Another opens up my chest of drawers in Thea's room and says about how i organised the nappies all in a line - high five they still are neat in a line !! 2 of the visits go well one Irish lady did both tho she did complain about the formula machine but that's ok she was doing her job and had been told to advise against it !

On all visits my c section was checked and i kept being told it was fine no issue , I had swelling all that week in my legs it was very bad and I couldn't walk bend my legs or move my ankles I kept being told all was fine , by day 4 I was emotional tired and fed up I booked to see my gp he gave me advice and tablets for my legs but I ended up not taking them and using pressure socks that took 4 people to put on at the start and then by the end off the week just my sisters husband ! And eventually my mum ! The swelling was caused by the fluid used in the c section amd is common but not often to the extent I got it typical !  By day 6 I kept telling my mum I felt terrible unwell I didn't want to get out of bed I struggled to do anything something else was wrong we put it down to my legs and my body adjusting , day 7 I had cried every day I felt silly for not being able to shower , go to the loo , walk sit or do anything without help , my mum invited me over for dinner with thea my first outing - I cried I couldn't fit in my jeans due to my legs my stomach hurt from all the injections I still felt unwell, we went for dinner so good to feel fresh air ! We eat and my older sister takes pics of thea as I reach down to change Thea's nappy I feel something down my leg hmm that's not right it was blood From my c section a stitch had burst it was inflamed and weepy  so much for being ok ! my mum says wait and see how it goes for the afternoon , it doesn't stop bleeding and it hurts I ended up back in hospital the last thing the icing on the cake for My birth story
I get into triage and I get left for 4 hours bleeding and the m/w on duty congratulates me for coming in before the infection got any worse , takes a sanitary towel from an open packet on the window ledge and covers my c -section and leaves to go on holiday !!!!! 4 hours and I get seen by a doctor who doesn't do anything but drain the section and cover the area , I then wait 1 hour to get cleaned up again by m/w and then another stretch of time to get dressings to take home !!!
thank goodness dom will be home for the next 4 weeks to help out!

Wow another long one but that's the first week and the birth covered the next blogs will be fun ! I've got hair ones and more baby related ones ! Much shorter ha ha
Thanks for reading hope to write again soon !
Hannah and Thea x

Thea ready to come home 

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