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So we have all been on Pinterest dreaming of having hair like the pics !
I could spend days looking at all the inspirational pics so many to look at unicorn,mermaid, ombre, silver , short , long, wavy !
I've always messed around with my hair since I did hairdressing but after I left and the world of work doesn't love that you have green hair ! I stopped colouring my hair and for the last five years I've done nothing other than the occasional dip dye  or all over wash in wash out.
I realised being on maternity leave was the best time to just not be boring and have a change !
So after weeks of pinning and gazing at all the amazing things outthere I decided that the hair bleach I had for ages sitting doing nothing would be the starting point for doing something new !

I asked a friend of mine on Facebook who has amazing blue /turquoise hair what brand she used as ones I had tried just didn't cut it , to be fair I hadn't bleached my hair so nothing would ever look that good or bright. So on her advice I got directions in 4 colours at the time of ordering I was feeling brave I ordered turquoise , lilac , violet and pastel pink.
It arrived so quickly that I ended up on a random day just getting the bleach  out being brave and going for it if all goes wrong I can just colour over it ! Luckily for me the few times I have messed up by hair my husband Dom has always helped me fix it by helping colour over it or colour removing it for me in the places I can't see or reach ha ha !

So out comes the bleach , Doms on baby duty ! I go for  it but mix it with conditioner so that the bleach isn't as thick or as strong it goes ok lifts my hair fairly well maybe a little to well at the roots but that's to be expected !
From the front I'm thinking all looks ok but as I see more of the back I can see that actually no it's patchy and corn yellow weirdly I don't freak out i re bleach it in places and then wash it out to see basically the same thing I  slap on conditioner scare Dom walking around with the corn yellow hair and end up just leaving it over night !

first bleach session
after 2 bleaches
patchy corn yellow mess
after blue shampoo 
The following day I realise I can't leave the house so ask my sister to get me a blonde hair colour and some purple shampoo I continue to have conditioner in my hair until she arrives ! So we put the blonde on wash it off it's not bad but not great so we apply purple shampoo it really helps but it's still not perfect as now the roots are purple and the rest is an ok colour kinda blue / grey
The following day I can't decide if I should give up or continue I decide as I've done the hardest part to continue ! I go for the purple colour but again mix it with conditioner so when I wash it out it barely shows ! Again i colour over  it with the purple I'm running out so I'm a tad nervous  ! This time it holds but Now it's patchy ! So I have to add in pink to the mix and go again !
Finally it looks ok enough to leave the house the next day and I really like it and feel happy that I've been brave !
after a few days 
wonder if Thea approves ?!

The only down side is the colour comes  out so fast barely lasted a week and I've been walking around now for a week with blue / grey which is ok it's just patchy but I'm going to stick with it and go blue and then prob back to lilac ! Why not I'm not working for a while longer ! Maybe I can try an ombré unicorn style to !

Hope this random post inspires some hair changes! If I can do it anyone can do it at home ! I'm all for home hair ! Spesh on a budget as tight as maternity pay ! Excuse the pictures of the hair journey I had to document what it looked like !
Products used
Directions hair colour in violet , lilac and pink - amazon fab deal 4 pots for 12 pounds
L'Oréal silver shampoo - best I've found it's got a huge amount of pigment
Creme peroxide in 20 vol - I never use higher volume ! - higher maybe would have lifted it more and then it would have been less yellow maybe ?!
Blue powder bleach
Everything was from Sally's beauty supply other than the directions hair colour !

Hope to write again soon
Hannah and Thea !

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