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My labour and delivery


Hi ! My first blog what's taken me so long ?! As a huge fan of Insta and Facebook I don't know why I've never written a blog ! Maybe it's because I've never had a subject that I felt was worth writing about ?!
This blog is just casual  and completely relaxed probably will be covered in spelling mistakes and bad grammar ! Also new to this I still have to figure out how to share pics - yes I know I sound stupid your sat there probably thinking gosh how can she not know how to do that ! If I post more blogs or if your reading this and you know me well enough you will know I'm as silly as you can get !

Wow long speech to start ! Prob bored you already , so I'm going to share my labour and delivery with anyone who wants to read it ! As a first time mum there will be things in here that may raise a seasoned mums eyebrow !

So to begin I'm a first time mum so pregnancy also was new and scary ! For someone who is relatively healthy I managed to get everything under the sun wrong with me during my pregnancy, and you know that glow everyone talks about where was that and why didn't I get it ?!?! I gained 3 stone , had pregnancy tachycardia and gestational diabetes and extra amniotic fluid , How do some ladies look slim and presentable during pregnancy I was high fiving the air if I managed to squish into my jeans and have the energy to put makeup on.

To start all my health issues lead to being induced a week early - I had to beg to be induced even with all the extra fluid and diabetes I wasnt allowed to have Thea any earlier Understandable the longer the baby is in the healthier they come out - I was desperate to have her before Dom left for a work trip to America.
Typically the day I had my final growth scan my usual endo dr had left to go on to maternity leave ! Leaving a very grumpy dr who had been left with no staff all day and hadn't eaten and had to get home to her 2 children the clinic had closed and we were seen  locked in as everyone had left ! , she agreed to induce me at 38+6 days which brings us to March 31st 2016 !!! We had until April 3 early hours to get Thea here before Dom left !

Induction day !!!!
I've never felt so nervous in all my life the feeling of leaving home for the last time with no baby was very strange one I won't forget ! Naturally I had a final bump pic I wanted to remember everything about the day ! We left home which is 2 seconds from the hospital our flat looks into the maternity ward ! We arrive to a very busy ward at first I was worried that it was busy and grumpy I wanted to get going and get started - we waited watching people being called in my hands were sweaty and I was feeling nervous hannah Hudson oh god that's my name that's me !!! Dom takes the bags and we head for a room , the midwife says let's check you into your room ... My room ?! She repeats yes your room ?! Praise the room gods it was so busy the last lady to be called took the last bed on the ward !!!
Well that was a surprise a room free of charge ! Not complaining little did I know I would need my own room for what was to happen!
We get checked in the induction was started and my nervous slowly left and I felt ok no pain just tightenings small contractions.

Later in the day Liz visits and so does Rebecca and nothing much happens just still small contractions
Im feeling positive and ok so when everyone says goodbye I didn't feel nervous like I thought I was happy to lay in bed on the monitor and watch some pll , I was sad that Dom couldn't stay there is a strict no man policy but as nothing was happening would have been pointless !
As the night progresses I have to permanently stay on the monitor my heart rate increases and so does Thea's the night staff keep coming in which is routine doesn't help that I had to keep buzzing to go to the loo as I had to drink many glasses of water so I didn't have to have a drip put in early to hydrate Thea ! Early hours I give in I ask for pain killers which I continue to have every 4 hours , I get some sleep and the morning rolls around .

yay a midwife comes in and says she will check for progress ! I'm feeling more painful contractions and had my first of many small silent cries in bed 🙈
Midwife says nothing is happening I'm not dilated and my waters won't break any time soon , I get upset she says I have to be left for 6 hours - 6 hours Dom leaves on the 3rd !!! I want to cry but suck it up and ask for more pain relief instead !

The first of a few un - expected things happen, the midwife leaves the room I get up bend over the bed to reach probably a sweet I can't actually remember what I was reaching for and GUSH now you know how they show it in the movies and everyone says that won't happen ! That's what happened GUSH like a huge water fall sorry only way I can discribe it ! Huge amount of water I was soaked the
floor was soaked so embarrassing ! The first of a few times my dignity left the room!

Wow ok in the few mins I was told nothing was happening my waters break ! This was the only time
I felt super scared I was shaking Dom looks over the bed and goes oh that's tiny nothing there I said are you kidding look at the floor he walks around the bed and says oh yeh I see now ! He gets the midwife she comes back in and says ok we shall check you again, she checks me again and I've dilated to 2 cm yipee !!
So no one told me your water continuously breaks until the baby comes ?! Yeh continuously if you don't have extra fluid you prob won't notice it happening , well not the case for me obviously I couldn't be normal I go on to have 3 major breaks and have to have the bed and floor cleaned so embrassing !

During this time the midwife had checked me and had noticed that something was wrong she said she thought she could feel the baby's hand Infront of her head like superman - she went on to say that some babies can be born like that but to be safe she wanted a second opnion she requests a dr to come and see us.
Maybe an hour goes by and the dr comes in explains she wants to check me and why , she checks me and my dignity leaves the room again she goes to examine me and my waters break massively again ALL over her and the bed and the floor eewwwww , I want to cry she was completely still and just said don't worry it happens all the time - I swear she was just saying that - guys it was up her arms and all over her scrubs ! She offers me gas and air which I don't have because I wasn't sure if I would feel pain during the examination or not it wasn't  pleasant but it wasn't to painful she had to check all angles of Thea's position to determine what was going on !

She explains that Thea is in the wrong position but there would be every chance she would move with time and stronger contractions so she leaves us and says we will be seen again later in the day , hours go by the pain increases and I want more than painkillers but refuse the gas and air as I don't want to be sick ?!! Yeh looking back what an idiot should have used the gas and air would have helped ! The ward is so busy there are ladies giving birth in triage and you can hear screaming from the corridors I'm getting more and more annoyed with pain and the midwives began to avoid wanting to check me and kept saying I wasn't progressing even tho I was having strong contractions , around 6 pm I being to laugh and joke with a midwife but I wasn't really feeling that on the inside and between her coming and and going saying I wasn't progressing I was crying silently on the bed the machine was hurting which was adding to my pain and I was so grumpy I kept saying I wanted to go home! I gave in and had some gas and air which was amazing I felt silly for not wanting  it earlier !

Around 7 pm the midwife sees me cry and after my mum went to talk to her to say although I was
joking around I was in pain ! She checks me against her judgment saying I'm prob not that far and to
be fair I wasn't I was 5 cm ! I cried in joy because you know what that means ?!?! Labour ward I can go to labour ward and have an epidural yayyyyyyy !!!!!!
I get a burst of happiness and even walk to the wheelchair to go to the labour ward ! I cry with happiness all the way down to the room I repeatedly said thank you to the midwife I think she thought I was mental but I was happy !
This is where is went down hill we get to the room I get drips and a shiny new fresh midwife ! Great it's happening Thea will be here soon ...... i request and epidural things seems to be moving they ask me to sign the form to say I read and understood I sign it not reading it thinking fab will be done soon, the midwife who was just so lovely hugs my mum and says that she wishes her daughter would have triplets 😂 No idea how they got into the triplet convo I was on gas and air like it was going out of fashion !

Hours pass and things seem to not be happening no Epi nothing no sign of Thea , a dr appears it's the end of her shift she says she will examine me yay maybe that will shed some light , nope big fat no , she explains Thea is still in the wrong position , but says don't worry she will move and will be fine and she left , hours pass again i start to silently cry in bed my midwife is breathing with me when I have a contraction , she sees I'm upset she grabs my hand and looks me in the eyes and she says no ! No more tears ok , no more crying , that epidural trolley has been sat here for hours and no one has come - the lady next door kept coming in asking where everyone was and could she have her Epi before mine !!!
My midwife says she going to get someone for me enough is enough ! Phew someone is taking action here ! At last she comes back angry and says you know where they are the epidural team were caught up in theatre but they were having a cup of tea .... Having a cup of tea !!!! She was angry as she has asked a number of times for someone to come and they were drinking tea ! Ok have a break but maybe after you have done my Epi and the lady next door 😂
So finally after some more tears and heavy breathing from a hypno birthing book I had read and loved a tiny epidural lady comes in she's smaller than me she says ok let's start oh lord I'm now nervous as much as I want it in terrified I read horror stories and had had a scary convo earlier in pregnancy with a nurse about how it can paralyse you if it's done wrong 😱 I was getting flustered as she raised the bed to its max height she could reach !!! I was on the gas and air continuously which isn't really allowed but I had to do something to calm my nerves ! - I grab my mums hand so hard Dom takes a seat behind her I can see him and I focus thinking I can do this last part and all will be ok ! , the lady asks for anasthetic ,ok yep she explains it will numb the area my heart starts to race im still on gas and air she explains if I have a contraction I'm to tell her - I don't the fear gets to me and I end up losing it after she asks 2 more times for anasthetic - that's 3 lots she's had and she now sounds
flustered, i start to feel faint I've over done the gas and air , Thea's heart beat goes missing the beeping of the machines stop , I really start to panic my midwife is saying to the lady if you don't get it this time can you leave and come back ! She comes to stand Infront of me Dom has his face in his hands I feel really flustered , she tells me to calm down relax and to stop moving - I didn't notice in my meltdown that I was moving my arm ! My midwife holds my arm leans over and says in my ear  calm down it will be ok this lady is driving me mental I don't know why she can't get the Epi in while she was doing this she was searching for Thea's heart beat still nothing - she tells the lady to hurry up as she can't find Thea's heart beat this was due to the way the lady had me leaning over a pillow !
At last she gets it in there is a sense of calm in the room during the Epi the consultant had come in and left seeing that things were not going well ! He returns lightens the mood making us laugh he tries to catch my waters in his hands and runs to the sink with his hands together ! He explains during my examination that a natural birth will not happen I've stopped dilating and thea is very much in the wrong position - he said that he has his finger in Thea's mouth !!!! What ewww no one wants to hear that ! His point about the fact he could get his finger in her mouth was that she was in a full facial presentation position - rare - as she was face up also meaning her head and neck were fully extended if they tried to move her it could damage her neck and face , also as I had extra fluid chances of the cord slipping Infront of her could add to complicate the delivery.
If she had been face down a brow presentation things could have been easier and a natural delivery possible , so he says she is immediately to be delivered by a emergency c section.
Thea 2 hours old
(full facial presentation labour and birth)

We get taken to the theatre , the funny thing about this looking back the person who administers your Epi stays with you during the section , so the lady was with me in the c section the entire time I'm thinking how much I dislike her !
The curtain goes up so I can't see anything they ask if I would like to see thea over the curtain I say no as if I saw my insides I would freak out ! The section is started and I hear a few funny comments , the trainee asks the consultant what he should do with my bladder 😱 I say to Dom did you just hear that !!! I had never thought about what they need to remove to get the baby out  it does make me nervous but I quickly forget about it as I then manage to annoy everyone by asking repeatedly for water !
Feels like an age has passed thea is born and Dom goes to see her we don't hear a cry she was very quiet ! I hear the midwife say she looks like Dom ! I want to cry with happiness ! She's here and she's safe ! The midwife explains that thea is swollen so much so one of the nurses asked if she had eyes !!! Her face was very swollen , Dom brings her over to show me.
The first thing I say is she's not mine she has dark hair the room bursts out laughing your the only one in here she's yours the midwife says !
we get taken to recovery for 2 hours my blood sugars need to be checked and my insulin and fluid drips   are kept in so the midwife has to un tangle the wires for me to hold thea for the first time at 2  hours old thea goes under my gown and she's so warm and cute ! Still swollen and bloody ! My heart melts  I didn't think I was maternal but there is no feeling like holding your baby for the first time !
She starts to snore making everyone laugh as it's so loud I ask Dom for our first family pic I was high on drugs and makeup free and tired ha ha the pic is terrible but I look back and laugh !

We finally leave recovery to see my mum and get taken to the ward I'm nervous to be left alone with thea but by the time we get sorted it's 3 am and visiting time starts at 8 am so not long ! Thea is put into the little bed thing and is put in her first outfit the cutest baby grow ! My mum holds thea and Dom has to leave  after the nurses ask him to lift me onto the new bed! so they use doms man muscles but he is then immediately told to leave not the best ! , i settle into bed to have my first night as a mum !
Now my first night is eventful and I think another post will needed to be written as this is so long ha ha , my second night in hospital is even funnier !

Thank you for taking a day out to read this mega long post !
 for the next 4 weeks dom is home to help me and help out with thea and so our adventure begins
Hope to write again soon
Hannah and thea !

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