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Scan from Baby Bond Ashford
my favourite scan pic!

Hi , Today's blog is about 3d baby scans! 
its not for everyone but i knew from the start that as i would never be having anymore babies i had to have the full experience! 

After we had our 12 week scan i came out feeling that i didn't trust the sonographer ! why?! they do this all day every day! well the lady we had was informative and showed us everything from the eyes to the feet! but when it came to finding out the sex of the baby she seemed very unsure.
she waited until all the checks had been done, and asked again if we were sure we wanted to know.
i was bursting to know had been from day one! i had a feeling from the start i was having a boy! genetically speaking this was probably never going to happen! as an identical triplet with a sister who had all girl triplets it was fairly certain i would have a girl!
Dom had always said girl, i really thought boy.

so she says lets find out, i'm so sure its a boy and desperately wanted a girl that when she says i think its a boy my heart sinks a little, i know that's terrible and having had Thea now i do see that boy or girl your love outweighs what you have a million times!

I say to Dom i knew it! she continues to double check 3 times saying boy, I take it in and still feel a little down about it, as she finishes up she asks me to move so she can just have one last look so i wriggle and she checks again, to my amazement she says sorry i think i was wrong, i think what i was looking at was the umbilical cord between the legs!  
wow yay that's a turn around, a girl i cannot contain my happiness!

3D Scan Baby Bond Ashford

So on coming out im happy its maybe a girl now but unsure as she said boy so many times i text everyone to tell them its a girl but im not 100 percent on it and i know you can never be 100 percent they can get it wrong, so i decided to know if someone else agrees i search online for gender scans and come across baby bond who have many locations.
i try and book for my local practice but its full until jan 2016 - no way i need to know so i look for other close places finding Heathrow - Ashford , I book a gender scan for the coming thursday.
21 week gender scan
Baby Bond Ashford

Thursday comes we get there early my mum and dad come with me - my dad has never been to a scan how when he has 4 kids ha ha ok 3 at once after our older sister but really?!
so the staff are friendly and let us go in as the sonogarpher is free, i jump on the bed and she explains what she will look for and we are not to tell her so we can see if she agrees with what we were told as i explain why i booked.

she confirms girl and we talk about the hospital scan, and im so excited i go on talking about making memories having extra scans done that i can frame,  the lady is so kind she switches the screen to 3d and shows us the baby moving , weird feeling seeing the baby move and feeling her at the same time! the 3d service is an extra cost but she asks if i would like a 3d one to take home at no extra cost i say yes! who wouldn't 3d scans are expensive i had only paid 39 pounds for this appt!
she leaves the screen on 3d capturing 2 pics for us, she then gets the side shot 2d that i had wanted which we couldn't get at the hospital - this side scan is one of my faves looking back i can see Thea in it now! 
we get print outs and holders for them all under the cost of the appt and the free extras which was really kind im so glad i did it and love having the extra scans as an added memory! Looking back i wish i had done the video 3d to show Thea when she is older!  

i would recommend Ashford baby bond for the great service and kind extras that added to my pregnancy memories! as i'm only having one baby i love that i have these to look back on!
prior to this i had been taking my own bump pics to document the bump growing again not for everyone but as its only once i wanted to document everything , later on in the pregnancy we also had photos done by a photographer maternity ones with me and Dom and the bump also now Thea is here we have had a photographer take photos of Thea blog post of those pics coming soon

thanks for reading hope to write again soon
Hannah and Thea x 

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