by - October 10, 2016

 Hi, Today's blog is about Nyx Wicked lipsticks 
The love of nyx continues although these are not everyday wear they make fantastic photo lipsticks and great occasion lipsticks like Halloween or an occasion that for some reason calls for  metallic shimmery green or blue! 

where do i start i love them all! the blue and purple are probably my favourite up close they are metallic and shimmery like i hadn't seen in any another brand up to that point since these launched other brands have followed with good reason any makeup lover or instagram makeup blogger or you -tuber would for sure check these out so any other brand would be silly not to!  
considering the consistency of metallic must be rather hard to create, these are smooth and silky lipsticks a couple need a few more layers to reach full shimmery goodness but not a bother when you see how beautiful they are. 

before having Thea i did often photograph  makeup and post on inst these days are few and far between now  but i found some i took when i got these to show what they look like on.
 Now i am  as pale as pale can be i make white paper looked tanned in comparison so not all these shades would be wearable out and about unless your feeling brave - the blue and purple i think really suit pale skin and i can see all the other shades complimenting darker skin tones well.

In photo i am wearing 03 Trickery a olive green with gold undertones
insta filter applied over this photo so it pulls more green in the flesh it is more light olive/gold

I even love the packaging as you can quickly see what colour is what without seeing the bottom i like this feature as i store them standing so it makes for a quick selection!
day to day i don't grab these but again they are so beautiful and unique i felt the need to add them to my collection!

01 Betrayal 
The purple and blue shades in this collection are great for creating the illusion of whiter teeth bonus if you want that look! the formula of the ones i own are not patchy and easy to apply although the greens i found needed an extra layer to really bring the shine out i don't find they go on uneven 
I own 4 out of the collection 09 Risque is a deep forest green and 07 Immortal is a bright purple with purple shimmer (not pictured just swatch pics from NYX.com) 
I wish i could get my hair these metallic colours  
how amazing would that be?!
i suggest buying these even if its just to occasionally look at them ha ha and as a lipstick they are lovely and unique!
i have a blog on the macron shades coming soon! my love of these lipsticks and the brand will always continue, i now fancy to check out the kat von d line of similar shades wonder what they are like they look lovely! maybe once im back at work and can fund this obsession a little better!

thanks for reading hope to write soon 
Hannah and Thea xx 

In my collection not pictured
In my collection not pictured

03 Trickery 

Full collection from nyx.com 

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