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ickle bubba stomp v3 as a toddler pram 6m-3yrs

Today's blog is a review on our Ickle Bubba stomp v3 Travel System

The hunt for a pram was on! we actually waited to buy a pram until a few months before Thea was born mainly because she was due mid April so we figured waiting for the Jan sales was a good plan! And to be fair most places didn't disappoint with the sales.

A friend of mine was due in the February so we made a few trips to Mother care and had a test of some of the prams boy am i glad we did this i would have bought totally the wrong pram! now before i kept telling my friends and family that i was going to get a silver cross - i had my heart set on it and nothing was going to change my mind not even the £800 price tag! i had it all planned and had saved for it even showed every one  which one when they asked me - for reference i wanted the silver cross surf 2! and followed second by the silver cross wayfarer.
on these trips with my friend to mother care and having done a few solo trips during my lunch breaks at work - dangerous i bought many an item i didn't need but impulse bought!
i realised how many there where out there and how many actually were not what i was looking for and pricey for what you were getting in my opinion, the silver cross was only on a bundle including the  car seat twice a year and the car seat would have been an added £100 ontop - no thank you! even tho i loved the look of the pram and i loved the size of the shopping basket - deal breaker for me believe it or not!  a good size basket is needed for trips to buy nappies and formula! i was disappointed with the way it folded and how heavy it was!  

ickle bubba stomp v3 as 0 - 6 month carrier

Most of the best selling prams with the huge price tags made me question everything in what i was looking for -they all on paper ticked the boxes, yet actually having a test of them in my opinion every single one was so heavy and a pain to fold down. 
Ok yes they all look fab but none felt for me practical this lead to Dom ( hes the bargain hunter and computer genius in our house ) researching other prams he mentioned ones he had with his 3 kids but i felt like i wasn't  keen again seeing a few of them in Mother care i wasn't sold fussy much?! 
we googled all in one travel systems where i found many i liked i kept going back  to Cosatto giggle 3 in 1 travel system because purely it had a star print! and another one i really liked was Billie Faiers travel system in cream the price of these was the only thing stopping us buying one of them and also the star print may have been a bit much for Dom when he would be pushing the pram around.

While we googled travel systems Ickle Bubba stomp came up they have 3 versions of the stomp (we got the most recent version the v3) and as a fairly new company the price was very good in fact extremely good for everything that was included in the bundle we eventually got from kiddycare.com via tesco online bundle pictured bellow, for £445.00 we got a huge amount unlike the silver cross £800.00 and no car seat and heavy pram! we got all this,

Carry cot 0-6m
Toddler push chair seat 6m-3yrs
Car seat 
Isofix Base 
Changing bag - includes changing mat 
all accessories needed for carry cot - sun canopy for toddler chair , foot muff ,canopy for carry cot and cover, seat insert in colour of your choice to match the other fabric accessories
Sun visor for car windows 
Rain cover 
Mosquito net for carry cot /pushchair 
Rock Steady Bouncer - included in bundle RRP ALONE ON THIS IS £60.00!!! 
this is a huge amount to get for such and amazing price and no need to search for a bouncer which was on the shopping list!
the bundle we got from tesco's online

To add to an already amazing deal they had a good colour range we went for grey as Thea's room is grey and white with stars thrown in! in a way i wish i had gone black as during a trip to Superdrug i got lipstick on the hood of the push chair and there is no hiding that on grey! however - you can wash and remove the fabric parts so no problem - i left it to late and the lipstick was a stone shade so nearly black and whats worse i didn't buy it!
You can also purchase separately the fabric parts so could easily change the colour.

colour choices for the v3
Rock steady bouncer

Ickle Bubba has been around since 2011 and i still cant get over how good the price of the bundles are compared to other high end brands, its light ,stylish, affordable and easy to put together and fold down - i built this pram alone when it arrived so it must be easy we all know i can barely do any thing that comes with instructions!  another really lovely thing about the brand its a husband and wife team! who wanted to give other families a chance to have a high end travel system at a good price.
so anyone on the pram hunt should check out Ickle bubba if they want a great affordable but stylish pram! its easy to fold down and easy to change over from car seat to carry cot/push chair all a click in system and also easy to watch guides on the web site  and one good video on you-tube
 overall im so glad we got this system over the silver cross!

thanks for reading!
hope to write again soon 
Hannah and Thea xx

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